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Many coven's have their own web pages with links to other coven's.  Why should this one be any different.  Listed below are not only Wicca / Pagan Websites, but they are also sources for some of the information contained in this site.  Please respect the knowledge, and share it with everyone.
Sacred Seasons The Complete and Unabridged Shore Journal
The Celtic Connection The School Of The Seasons
Stormwing's Wicca Page The Wiccan / Pagan Times
Solitary Haven Witches Voice
Illusions Internet Solutions Candlegrove's Ancient Origins Of The Holidays
Christmas Traditions In Canada & France Circle Sanctuary
Witch On The Go Byzant Scriptorium - A Library of Mystical Resources
The Witches Sabbats College Wicca
D.L.Ashliman's Home Page Le Gauche Review
Undernet #Wicca Home Page Salmon River Gazette
Religious Understanding, Tolerance & Freedom Mystic Havens Home Page