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These chakras all play an extremely active role in all our crystal healing treatments. As already mentioned any 'unbalances' that exist within any chakra may have profound effects upon either our physical or physiological bodies. We are able to use crystals, for example, to re-balance all our chakric centers and once the chakra has been properly balanced then our body will gradually return to normality. The following is a description of each Chakra. *Please note that the colors used are traditional, but each individual's Chakras are different in color. This is because color is vibration, and each person's Chakras vibrate to their own speed determined by the individual's own spiritual evolution and whatever the state of each Chakra.  

First Chakra

(Base of the spine)

Second Chakra

(Spleen, or sexual centre)

Third Chakra

(Solar plexus)

Fourth Chakra


Fifth Chakra


Sixth Chakra

(Third eye)


Seventh Chakra



A Basic Crystal Layout to Balance Chakras

Use a Clear Quartz, either natural or tumbled or roughly the same size and shape. Place one on each chakra point and leave them for five minutes or so. After this time, remove the stones and lie relaxed for a few more minutes. You might feel the need for a grounding stone placed at the feet. If a stone continuously slips out of place, leave it where it has come to rest. It is often that the body recognizes more appropriate places for the stones.