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Types Of Candles

Adam and Eve Candle Figure candles for love and marriage, usually in red or pink. 
Altar Candles These are usually taller and longer burning than the other candles used plus these are lit first and extinguished last.  One to the left (female energies) and one the right (male energies) represent Deities, gold for male and silver for female.
Cat Candle Luck, hexing ,un-hexing, Black for banishing bad luck, Red for lust, relationships, love and Green for pet healing or money, etc.
Flora Candles Banishing and protection.
Novena Candle Seven to twelve day candle .A devotional candle with chants
Protection Candles Any size will do but the color is important usually itís white.
Seven Day Candle Has seven "knobs", one on top of the other. Can be used when the Moon is Waxing or Waning and each knob can be separately dedicated. Each knob is to be used for a day and lasts a week.
Skull Candle Contacting your ancestors, persuasion, mental forms of all types.
Zodiac Candle Uses the appropriate attributes of the chosen zodiac sign to represent a person.