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The Significance of Colors Colors of the Week
When you apply color to Candle Magick, the meanings of each color can be quite specific. Sunday Yellow
Black Helps to open up deeper levels of consciousness, use in Rituals to banish evil or negativity Monday White
Blue Rituals to obtain Wisdom, Harmony, inner light or peace Tuesday Red
Dark Green Counteracts greed, jealousy. When used in a Ritual Wednesday Purple
Emerald Green Attracts Love, fertility Thursday Blue
Gold Beneficial in Rituals intended to bring luck or fast money Friday Green
Light Blue Peace and Tranquility Saturday Black
Green Prosperity, Success, Luck, Money Planetary
Pink Romance, Friendship Jupiter Meditation, prosperity, spirituality, money
Purple Power, success, idealism Mars Sexual/Physical energy, protection, courage
Red Health, Passion, Love, Fertility, Strength, Courage, Willpower Mercury Eloquence, self-importance, mind, study
Royal Blue Promotes laughter and loyalty Moon Prophetic dreams, spirituality, peace, love
Silver Helps develop Psychic Ability, Removes negativity, encourages stability Saturn Longevity, vision, purification, protection
White Spiritual Enlightenment, Cleansing, Healing, Truth Seeking Sun Energy, protection, success, illumination
Yellow Activity, Creativity, Concentration and Imagination Venus Love, joy, happiness, friendship, meditation
Air Intellect, communication, travel, wisdom
Earth Fertility, money, stability, promote peace
Fire Courage, will power, purification, Magick
Water Love, dreams, psychic, healing
Spirit Increase awareness of spiritual realm
Candle Colors for the Zodiac Zodiacal
Aries  Red, Scarlet Aries Adventurous, pioneering spirit, fire
Taurus Red-Orange, Pale Green, Olive, Brown, Indigo Taurus Affectionate, reliable, endurance, earth
Gemini Orange, Turquoise, Silver, Mauve Gemini Communication, versatile, logical, air
Cancer Yellow-Orange, Pale Blue, Silver, Pale Green, Amber, Maroon Cancer Sympathetic, resourceful, imaginative, water
Leo Yellow, Orange, Gold, Purple, Greenish Yellow Leo Generous, expansive, creative, fire
Virgo Yellow-Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Brown, Multicolor, Plum Virgo Discriminating, modest, meticulous, earth
Libra Green, Blue. Emerald Libra Harmony, diplomatic, easygoing, air
Scorpio Blue-Green, Blood Red, Dark Brown Scorpio Emotion, determined, healing power, water
Sagittarius Blue-Violet, Amethyst, Dark Grey Sagittarius Dependable, jovial, optimistic, fire
Capricorn Turquoise Blue, Black, Iris Capricorn Patient, practical, efficient, earth
Aquarius Violet, Electric Blue, Blue Mauve Aquarius Inventive, outgoing, progressive, air
Pisces Red-Violet, Violet, Indigo, Green, Crimson, Pinky Brown Pisces Fluidity, intuitive, compassionate, water