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BLACK Void for all Unwanted Influences CAUTION MUST BE EXERCISED! To Repel or Banish Negativity Bind

Flesh out Secrets Saturn, Saturday Dark Colored Blues, Black, Dark Browns, Most Dark Colors Can be used two-toned with appropriate corresponding color

Male/Female Astrological Sign: Capricorn

BLUE Calming Wisdom / Sleep / Truth Loyalty / Dreams / Emotions Depending on HUE days and planets are interchangeable Lt. Blue= Peace, Patience, health Dk. Blue= Banish Depression, Justice

Monday/Moon (Blue Whites) Friday/Venus (Blues) Saturday/Saturn (Dark Blues) Thursday/Jupiter (Royal Blue)

Astrological Sign: Aquarius (dark blue) Pisces (Royal Blue)

BROWN Earth Energy Grounding, Centering Consciousness, Success through labor Tree and Faerie Magick Depending on HUE the days and planets are interchangeable

Monday/Moon (Tan Browns) Friday/Venus (All Browns) Saturday/Saturn (Dark Browns)

Female Astrological Sign: Libra (light brown)

GOLD Sun Energy, Healing To Heal all inner wounds Money Smarts / Quick Actions

Sunday, Sun Can be used with Orange and Yellow to enhance or bring quick change


GREEN Money, Herbal Magick Attracts success, Money associations with the plant kingdom/ Growth/ Healing Faerie Magick/ Gardening

Friday/Venus Wednesday/Mercury

Female or Male Astrological Sign: Gemini

GREY Neutralizer to erase without repercussion Aid in Balancing Moon


Female & Male

ORANGE Balances, Neutralizer Prosperity, Mental Agility Energizer/ Success/ Stamina

Sunday/Sun = Mental and Physical Action Tuesday/Mars = Physical Action Wednesday/Mercury = Mental Action

Male Astrological Sign: Leo

PINK Emotions from the heart To Begin a new relationship, Raise Energies Friends and Family/ Healing

Friday, Venus

Female Astrological Sign: Taurus


PURPLE Psychic Enhancement Expansion of obtained desires/situations Wisdom/ Reversal/ Law Power/ Recognition


Male Astrological Sign: Sagittarius


RED CAUTION!!!!=Base Attributes Depending on HUE can be VERY DANGEROUS. Please stay with the lighter shades. Physical pleasures, Stimulating, Lust, Anger/ Hate/ Marriage/ Courage/ Strength Enemies/ Peril

Tuesday, Mars

Male Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Aries


WHITE Highest Consciousness To Protect / Purify Heal / Children / Pets Balance / Birth / Repel Moon

Monday Solid White, Silvers, Pearls, Iridescent Whites Can be used in place of any other color

Female Astrological Sign: Cancer

YELLOW Mental Clarity Knowledge, Concentration Healing / Study / Memory Persuasion / Subtle Attraction

Wednesday, Mercury

Male Astrological Sign: Virgo